"Take that step through the door...It will be the best step you make"

My background is in nursing, coaching children and adult teams, swimming instructing and exercise bootcamps. As a mother of two, a grandma and as an older member of the Complex Forme Health and Wellness  team, I am fully aware of the importance of having a well balanced healthy lifestyle. Exercise has been a big part of my life. Not only for the physical side of it but for the mental side of it too. I enjoy competing in the Triple Peaks Cape challenge, Tough Guy an Gal, Taupo Half Ironman being a few events I have entered and intend on entering again with some of our members on board too. I find team events are not only a fun way of meeting people but a great way of setting ourselves achievable goals. I have been part of the fitness team for approximately 10 years.

Looking forward to meeting you all



"I enjoy being able to assist people in overcoming barriers and get back to being the best version of themselves"

I am a passionate trainer with 8 years experience in the PT industry including being a military physical training instructor. After leaving the army I decided I wanted to help people understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle so took up a health science degree as Massey University. Whilst at university I started my own PT business before moving to the Airforce as a Physical Training Instructor. I grew my passion for rehabilitation working with at risk you in South Auckland and realising the way the military taught me, can be used in many other contexts. This brought me to EIT where I teach the services pathway course aimed at helping our people gain a career in the Defence Force or the Army. I enjoy being able to assist people in overcoming barriers and get back to being the best version of themselves. I believe that exercise is a great vehicle not only for aesthetic reasons but to enable conversations to start around tricky subjects such as mental health and to gain confidence in yourself. I have had many successes with my individuals and groups and love instructing group fitness as I believe people bounce off each other's energy. I love competing in various team events such as triple peaks, spartan, tough guy and gal and would love to get more people amongst this! Now I am a mum to Miss Luca, I believe more so in the importance of keeping fit and active as it helped throughout my pregnancy and aided my body to bounce back as well as helped my sanity!


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