Find the Right One for You

Complex Forme offers a weekly schedule of classes for every fitness level.

Girl Doing Push-Ups


45 minutes

A class aimed at those new to the gym world focusing on movement patterns and building a solid foundation.

Heavy Weights


45 minutes

A full bogy strength endurance class (light-moderate weights, high repetition) to help increase local muscular endurance.

Baby's Grasp


30 minutes

A circuit class specific for parents with young children who are looking for that 'wake up'. This class will revive and revitalise you and help you meet other parents (BYO child optional)

Girl Jumping


30 minutes

A high intensity class aimed at developing your anaerobic system

Fit Girls


45 minutes

A low-moderate intensity class aimed at improving aerobic conditioning.

Stretch Yoga Pose


15 minutes

A class aimed at increasing mobility, flexibility and to increase recovery.



45 minutes

A class aimed at aspiring police and military applicants who wish to pass their fitness testing




A challenging class aimed at pushing yourself to the limit.

Women Stretching


45 minutes

For our over 60's to assist in ageing gracefully by practicing balance techniques and supervised resistance training. Every second week we will be in the pool for some shallow water aqua aerobics.

Happy Family


family fun

Minor games for the whole family

Women in Sports Apparel


45 minutes

 A chance for you to bring a friend to see what all the fuss is about

Kettlebell Workout


45 minutes

A challenging competitive workout where you can unleash the beast| beast-ette



Shed Those Extra Pounds

Join us for Cardio Power Hour and exercise your way to a healthy body and mind. Cardio Power Hour techniques build a strong body from which one can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. Treat yourself today — you deserve it!

Yoga Class


Find Your Core

Yoga is sure to become your next obsession. You’ll love the way you feel! Yoga is based around the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. By combining fun and enjoyment with physical activity,Yoga boosts your emotional and physiological fitness.

Call to get the timetable and hear more about our complete list of classes.


qualified instructors brought to you


for health and wellness

Tai Chi is for Health and Wellness. The movements are gentle, fluid and continuous while breathing is deep and slow aiding concentration and relaxing the body. This class is a beginners level Tai Chi. The benefits can include improved muscle strength and balance, flexibility, fall prevention, co-ordination, pain and stress management, relaxation and an overall improvement in the Mind Body and Spirit. The class is taken by qualified Tai Chi instructor and is safe for people of all ages and abilities.


Ashtanga Power Yoga

This class aims to build strength and flexibility and offers more than just stretching. Power Yoga is ideal for injury prevention, recovery and all round wellness.


low impact

A low impact deep water aqua class with a more gentle approach perfect for all ages and abilities. This workout is also suitable for injury prevention, recovery and pre/post natal.


low to high intensity

This is a deep water low to high intensity class with a combination of aerobic and toning exercises that will target all muscle groups. Suitable for all fitness levels


high intensity

Come finish your day with a high intensity class in deep water. It is energetic and a total body workout. This class targets the cardiovascular system and all muscle groups. It is a faster pace class but as you can exercise at your own level of comfort all levels of fitness are welcome.

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