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We are a dedicated  team, with a unique philosophy, and a passion for making a difference to our clients health and fitness goals. 

We are fortunate to operate out of premium facilities offering our clients a range classes - from Group Fitness to Learning to Swim

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OIur Difference

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Complex Forme provides a holistic approach to fitness. 

The 4 elements we are concerned with are;


  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

We are here to help our members evolve physically. We understand the effects of physical training and the impact this has on the body. We will treat our members who have sustained an injury or have existing injuries through our rehabilitation programs. 


We aim to empower our members mentally by sharing knowledge and providing seminars that create awareness.


We are here to support our members through their personal evolution and are sensitive to all cultural differences and the emotional support that this process may require.


We offer a space that allows time for spiritual connectedness, where relationships are important, shared values exist and life purposes are supported.

Complex Forme understands the importance of caring for its gym members as a whole being. We empower the individual to affect change within our communities. 


Leading all our members to a happier more healthier lifestyle.

Our Team



Julie Lewis

Complex Forme

Aqua Instructor

Hey there, my name is Jules. am an Aqua Instructor here at Complex Forme with 23 years' experience first as a client for 5 years and then loved it so much I decided to become a qualified Instructor.


I'm very much about proper technique when exercising and instruct accordingly plus I believe exercise should be fun as well.

My two daughters grew up early on watching me exercise and taking care of my health and now are avid participants themselves in various forms of exercise. Now my granddaughter is learning from her mother the same life lesson.

If you don't see me working out, you'll see me walking down the road with my dog.

Come along to the pool and see why I began and continue my fitness & health journey in all its forms.

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Samantha Anderson

Complex Forme Staff

My name is Sam, I work as a receptionist at Complex Forme. I completed a bachelor of Sport and Recreation Majoring in Health and Physical Education in 2021. I am currently finishing a one year diploma in Learning and Teaching. In My undergraduate study I did a stint of work at Shane Cameron Fitness and enjoy anything involving health and fitness.


I love interacting with all members, whether it be to talk about fitness or just to have a good old yarn about life. Throughout high school and recent years, I have grown a passion for coaching as I love to see personal growth of individuals on and off the field. For me it is about the personal wins, being able to do something you weren’t previously able to do and pushing yourself beyond limits you never thought you’d be able to reach.


In my spare time I play football and hockey competitively and coach various sports teams. Most of the time you’ll catch me working out in the gym or on the sports field or occasional posting singing videos on social media!

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Shameil Lewis 

Complex Forme Staff

Hey there, my name is Sham and you’ll see me behind the desk or dancing to Jules aqua classes to make her laugh. Jules is my mother and together we’ve been coming into this gym for over 20 years. I’ve learned how to swim here, trained here and found a great community here.


When I’m not at the gym, I’ll most likely be doing the same as mum and walking my pup Miska or socialising with friends and family. Stop by the desk for a friendly chat and feel free to ask me any questions about the gym or pool.

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Josiah Ah Lam

Complex Forme Staff

Talofa lava, my name is Josiah. I am looking forward to working with the community and building new friendships, gaining new experiences while helping people with their health journey on the way.


I have a few years of experience in the Heath care industry as a healthcare assistant. And because of this, I look forward to developing my skills in the field. when not working I tend to spend my down time travelling or with my family and friends.



Complex Forme 

Aqua Instructor/Tai Chi


With top of the line gym equipment, dedicated group fitness spaces and a beautiful pool complex complete with sauna and spa, we are really proud of the great facilities we are able to offer our members.

To keep everything running smoothly and to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience we do have a few house rules which you can read about here. The basic gist of it however can be summed up here...


Show kindness and respect to yourself, to others and the equipment.

If you have any questions just reach out to a team member. We're here to help!

Our Facility









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